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"The power of mathematics is essential for tomorrow's scientific, technological, and economic competitiveness."


The Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State University is currently engaged in an initiative to enhance student learning and success in undergraduate mathematics. 



Mathematics is the key to opening doors to opportunity and careers for  students.  It not only serves in fundamental ways for science, technology, and engineering, it also contributes directly to careers in business, finance, and health. 


The Department of Mathematics at OSU is committed to fulfill the maxim to "make mathematics a pump and not a filter in the pipeline to careers and success."  Every degree program at OSU requires a course in mathematics; hence, learning and success in mathematics is essential to keeping students on career paths and in providing them broader opportunities for career choices.


Our State and Nation are in need of producing more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates for whom learning and success in mathematics is essential.

Initiative News

Hiring Fall 2013: Clinical Faculty
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Math Dept. Addresses Advisors
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Clinical Faculty Hired
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Faculty Fellows Announced
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Ribbon Cutting at MLSC
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New MLSC Floor Plans Unveiled

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MLSC Construction Manager Approved
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MLSC Construction Photos
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Updated: MLSC Photos
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Math Quotables

Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences. -Roger Bacon