Oklahoma State University

A Photo Tour of the MLSC

January 18, 2013


Enter the MLSC and meet the receptionist.




Walk down the hallway east of the receptionist desk.  Notice the office space on the left.



Here are the small tutoring rooms located on the north end of the MLSC.



Hold small tutoring sessions in this room.



Continue on to the large tutoring room on the north end of the MLSC.  The windows look out on the International Plaza.



Here is the large tutoring room on the west end of the MLSC.



Next to the western large tutoring room is the computer lab.  This is the view from the southeast corner.  Notice the exit door next to the western large tutoring room.



Here are two more views of the computer lab from the northwest and northeast corners.  Admire the glass walls.




Finally, exit the computer lab and back to the receptionist desk.



Come back for more tours in the future!


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