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New Faculty Fellows Announced for Fall 2012


The OSU Mathematics Department recently announced new additions to the faculty for Fall 2012.


The following are new faculty fellows for Fall 2012:


  • Sean Bowman, Low-dimensional Topology, Ph.D. Texas, 2012
  • Detelin Dosev, Functional Analysis, Ph.D. Texas A&M, 2009
  • Kwangho Choiy, Number Theory, Ph.D. Purdue, 2012
  • Andrei Pavelescu, Group Theory, Ph.D. USC, 2012
  • Jay Schweig, Combinatorics, Ph.D. Cornell, 2008
  • Trent Schirmer, Geometric Topology, Ph.D. Iowa, 2012


These new faculty fellows will contribute to undergraduate student success with their knowledge about teaching and math gained through their varied experiences.


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