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Mathematics Learning Success Center (MLSC)


"Providing innovative new resources and practices for student success  
in mathematics"

The MLSC will be a state of the art facility incorporating experienced personnel, the latest technology, and best-practice pedagogy in support of student learning and success in mathematics.


OSU led the Nation in 1984 when it established the Mathematics Learning Resource Center as a student support center for studying and learning mathematics. It was the first of its kind to offer a range of student services integrated with the mathematics instructional program at the University.  Mathematics departments across the country followed the OSU lead by establishing centers modeled on that at OSU.


Since 2006 the Center has been in a temporary location that lacks sufficient space, computer facilities, and staffing to meet student demand and realize its integral part in student learning and success in mathematics. The new center will have a name change to the Mathematics Learning Success Center (MLSC). The new MLSC is a cornerstone to building our program of student learning and success in mathematics. It is a major component of the SUMS initiative.

Construction Photos:

Click here for a photo tour of the MLSC.


Click here for an updated photo tour of the MLSC.

Math Quotables

There is an unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics in Natural Sciences [and Engineering]. -Eugene Wigner




Ribbon Cutting at MLSC

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MLSC Construction Manager Approved

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MLSC Construction Photos

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