Oklahoma State University

Faculty Fellows


Faculty fellows are non tenure-track members of the department faculty who have an exceptional record of teaching and best-practice pedagogy.  They will also contribute to the program through their excellence in mathematical research and scholarship.  


The faculty fellows, along with tenure-track faculty, will be responsible for the learning and success of students in the STEM courses (calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra).


The math department recently announced the following new faculty fellows for Fall 2012:


  • Sean Bowman, Low-dimensional Topology, Ph.D. Texas, 2012
  • Detelin Dosev, Functional Analysis, Ph.D. Texas A&M, 2009
  • Kwangho Choiy, Number Theory, Ph.D. Purdue, 2012
  • Andrei Pavelescu, Group Theory, Ph.D. USC, 2012
  • Jay Schweig, Combinatorics, Ph.D. Cornell, 2008
  • Trent Schirmer, Geometric Topology, Ph.D. Iowa, 2012


These new faculty fellows will contribute to undergraduate student success with their knowledge about teaching and math gained through their varied experiences.

Math Quotables

Mathematics is the language and the foundation of science, technology, and social organization. -Phillip A. Griffiths